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How does deforestation negatively affect humans?

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    Shaun Forest

What Is Deforestation and How Does It Happen?

Deforestation, often known as tree cutting, occurs when vegetation is removed without being restored. Every year, deforestation destroys a huge portion of the world's forests. Natural events or human activity are both to blame, but human activities bear the brunt of the responsibility.

Deforestation is caused by a variety of human activities such as logging, fuelwood harvesting, mining, and land conversion for various uses.

See how deforestation and logging vary.

Deforestation has been practised by humans for generations. Civilizations have always felt the need to clear land for various objectives throughout history, and this has continued to this day.

However, many are unaware of the dangers that deforestation poses to the planet.

How Does Deforestation Affect Humans Negatively?

Habitat Depletion and Biodiversity

This may appear small to some, yet it is the most dangerous consequence of deforestation. We cannot deny that a healthy ecosystem is one that is balanced, and that humans are a component of that ecosystem.

Humans are just as vulnerable to environmental instabilities as any other species. Forests are home to over 80% of the world's terrestrial animals and plants, according to the WWF. As a result of deforestation, their habitat is destroyed, making it harder for them to thrive. Many species have become extinct, while others are on the verge of extinction.

Climate Change And Global Warming

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that absorbs incoming solar energy and raises the earth's surface temperature (global warming).

Forests absorb carbon dioxide from the air and store it in the form of biomass. Because there are fewer trees to store carbon when forests are cut down, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rises. This creates global warming, which in turn causes climate change, glacier melting, and other issues.

Additional Floods

When it rains or glaciers melt, trees block the flow of water because their roots absorb and store the water. However, when trees are cut down, there is no vegetation to absorb water, disrupting the flow of water and increasing the risk of flooding in some locations.

Indigenous Peoples are in Danger

Many indigenous peoples reside in areas where they have no legal claim to the land. When the government wants to use the forest for its own purposes, it has the power to evict them. These people not only leave their homes, but also their culture, which causes them mental and physical distress.

Closing Thoughts

Given the aforementioned dangers that deforestation poses to our environment, there is an urgent need for individuals and governments to adopt measures that restrict deforestation and promote afforestation.