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8 Best Free Eco Apps that will help the environment

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    Shaun Forest

We are always connected thanks to our smartphones. All of the knowledge we could possibly need is just a click away. What if I told you that preserving the earth is just a click away as well? You'll be one step closer to being an environmental hero if you download these Free Eco-Friendly Apps.

8 Free Eco-Friendly Apps

1. Olio

Have you bought too many apples and they're starting to rot? Have you made the perfect quantity of pasta salad, but you've been invited to a dinner party at the last minute? There's no reason to be concerned! Olio allows you to share your excess food with others. Simply create a listing with what you have to offer, and it will be picked up for free by someone in your region.

Bonus: Olio also allows you to add non-food items, so get creative when it comes to decluttering your home!

Download Olio here.

2. Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is based on the same principle as Olio — to reduce food waste – but instead of connecting people, it links them with businesses. By rescuing extra food from restaurants and stores that post it on the app, you can become a Waste Warrior.

Bonus: the food offered through the app is quite inexpensive!

Download Too Good To Go here.

3. EcoCharge

This app is all about energy conservation (which has a huge environmental impact too, by the way). When you install EcoCharge, you will receive an alert when your device has completed charging. You'll be able to unplug it right away, extending the life of your battery. "One battery at a time, help the Earth."

Bonus point: conserving energy also saves money.

Download EcoCharge here.

4. GoodGuide

GoodGuide was developed by a team of scientists with extensive experience studying chemicals and chemical-containing products. During your grocery shop excursions, simply scan product labels and let the app tell you which ingredients are safe and which aren't.

Bonus: if it doesn't include harmful chemicals to the environment, it's definitely better for your health as well!

Download GoodGuide here.

5. #Climate

This software is more instructive than action-oriented, although it has the potential to do such. #climate collects information about environmental activities from a variety of sources and mixes it with environmentally friendly ideas to combat climate change, all tailored to you. You can share whatever you think is more relevant through social media from a range of categories.

Bonus point: the app's statistics show how many people signed up as a result of your shares, so you can see how many people you're (positively) affecting.

Download #climate here.

6. Ecosia

This is definitely the easiest programme to use out of the bunch. All you have to do is download it, and it will take care of the rest. Allow me to explain: Ecosia is a search engine that is beneficial to the environment. You may help plant trees by conducting your searches through Ecosia (just like you would with Google). Eighty percent of the cash produced by the adverts you see goes to non-profits that plant trees and promote environmental protection.

Bonus: the app tells you how many trees you've already assisted in the planting of.

Download Ecosia here.

7. Good On You

Fashion is one of the world's most polluting businesses. It should not be causing harm, which is why this app exists. Good On You is a clothing brand directory that shows you which ones are making a good influence. It's easier than you think to shop ethically.

Bonus point: Emma Watson, the girl-boss, is directly supporting this campaign.

Download Good On You here.

8. Pinterest

It may appear to be a weird choice for this list, but bear with me as I explain. Pinterest is an excellent source of ideas for upcycling clothing, growing your own garden, giving sustainable presents, cooking nutritious meals, and much more. If you search for eco-friendly advice on the platform, you will find a plethora of them.

Bonus point: you can build your own sections within your account (for example, Recipes, Fashion, etc.) to keep everything neatly organised and accessible.

Download Pinterest here.

Final thoughts

These are just a few of the hundreds (or thousands) of eco-friendly apps available in your app store. Making an impact and igniting good change has never been so simple. All you have to do now is press the 'download' button.

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